LIveCom is invited to participate in the "2020 Global Service Outsourcing Conference" and gives a keynote speech

On October 21-22, 2020, the "2020 Global Service Outsourcing Conference and Service Trade Innovation Development Wuhan Summit" hosted by the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, Wuhan Municipal People's Government and Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce was successfully held in Wuhan.


Chen Jian, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhou Xianwang, Mayor of Wuhan Municipal People’s Government, attended the event and delivered speeches. Gu Xueming, Dean of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, and other guests delivered keynote speeches. The second-level inspector of the Department of Service Trade and Business Services of the Ministry of Commerce Wang Xuyang, Deputy Commissioner Song Huiqin of the Special Commission Office of the Ministry of Commerce in Wuhan, Yang Benchu, the second-level inspector of the Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce, and Chen Ping, director of the Management Committee of Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, attended the opening ceremony. Xu Honglan, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan presided over the opening ceremony of the conference, and Zhang Wei, vice president of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce presided over the summit forum.

As one of the most influential summits in the global service outsourcing field, the Global Service Outsourcing Conference has been included in the important international conference plan of the national high-end think tank of the Central Propaganda Department. The theme of this conference is "Opening and Sharing Data to Create the Future". With the aim to implement the spirit of the speech at the 2020 China International Trade in Services Global Service Trade Summit, it coordinates the promotion of epidemic prevention and control the economic and social development, and creates international cooperation and exchanges in service trade platform, accelerates the promotion of open cooperation in the service industry so as to create a good atmosphere for Wuhan to comprehensively deepen the pilot service trade innovation development and the construction of China's service outsourcing demonstration city, and promote the recovery and high-quality development of Wuhan's service trade and service outsourcing industry.


LiveCom was invited to participate in this global service outsourcing conference. Chen Pei, technical director, gave a presentation on the theme of "Hybrid Cloud Technology Helps Enterprises' Globalization and Digitalization", proposing that enterprise informatization construction has developed into the IT digital era and enterprise digitalization Transformation is imperative. A digital enterprise is a customer-centric enterprise that uses digital technology to reshape and transform its own business. IDG’s survey results of IT and corporate decision makers show that the digital transformation of enterprises will bring eight aspects of value, including employee productivity enhancement, data-driven business value enhancement, and customer experience enhancement. Digitalization will revolutionize the business field and give companies major challenges and opportunities. Comprehensive cloudification is the cornerstone of enterprises' implementation of digitalization. From middle office to digital ecology, the foundation is still the cloud, and the evolution of comprehensive cloudification is ultimately hybrid cloud. Hybrid cloud is a key technology to support digitalization. LiveCom has POPs in more than a dozen large cities around the world such as Los Angeles, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, etc., providing enterprises with a global SD-WAN access platform and a global satellite access platform ; LiveCom has a professional enterprise informatization implementation team, which provides advisory ICT service architecture, private cloud implementation services for enterprises, so as to realize cloud-network integration, and flexibly integrates and interconnects customers' local infrastructure, private cloud and public cloud through the network. At the same time, intercommunication must achieve high-quality, high-stability, safe and reliable data transmission, and ensure stable network quality so as to avoid data being stolen during transmission; LiveCom’s global network service capabilities and ICT implementation capabilities strongly support enterprise mixing Cloud landing, help enterprises to smoothly migrate to the cloud and promote their digital transformation.