LiveCom signed a video transmission service contract with the ministry!

Since November 2019, our company has begun to follow up a video transmission project of the ministry. Affected by the epidemic and other reasons, the project team has always adhered to and actively responded to every customer's needs, continued to provide customers with video transmission measurements, and repeatedly exchanged technical details with customers. After a year of hard work, the contract of the project was finally signed.

Based on LiveCom’s global backbone private line network and rich project implementation experience, using the integration of communication and video transmission technology, finally the contract was signed, which reflects that LiveCom has a high level of general service. The project also shows the client's affirmation and recognition of the company's capabilities.

Here, we would like to extend our warm congratulations to the leaders and colleagues who have worked hard for this project, and we also wish that LiveCom can make greater achievements in this market!