Phoenix InfoNews Channel Chooses ASTV

Recently, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited and CICC formally signed a cooperation agreement on the Phoenix InfoNews Channel Africa Satellite Project, which marks that ASTV has become the only official broadcast platform of Phoenix InfoNews Channel in Africa! In addition to the African region, AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited’s E7B and E21B satellites also cover the entire Europe and the Middle East, and will provide intercontinental satellite TV broadcast services for Phoenix InfoNews Channel.

Phoenix InfoNews Channel is a channel for Phoenix Satellite Television to broadcast current affairs and financial information from all over the world on Phoenix TV 24 hours a day. It was launched on January 1, 2001. It is reported that the Phoenix InfoNews Channel has the eight great first achievements:

·The world's first all-weather Chinese-language information channel covering the mainland, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong of China;

·The first TV media in Hong Kong to gather Television media person from the mainland, Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong of China and overseas;

·The first Chinese-language TV station to simultaneously broadcast across continents;

·The first Chinese channel with production bases and reporter stations in Asia, Europe, and America;

·The first TV station in Southeast Asia to adopt optical fiber network collection, editing and broadcasting system to broadcast programs;

· The first Television in Asia with high-tech equipment such as low-temperature lighting system, automatic remote video recording system, omni-directional rotating viewfinder studio, etc.;

·The highly popular host and senior commentator from the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong recruited here with high salaries are second to none in Hong Kong, Asia, and the entire Chinese communication industry.

Such a powerful Channel chose ASTV as the only landing partner in Africa, which not only highlights the influence of ASTV in Africa, but also means that AKO Cloud-COM Technology Limited has excellent technology and service capabilities, which will guarantee the glorious completion of the external propaganda mission!