Biweekly report of market trend(3月下)

Biweekly market trend report

March.2022 (part B)

I. Global Backbone Network

1. Both Peace and Google have recently had submarine cables connecting Africa & Europe opened and operational, which will have a positive impact on cross-border internet in the African region.

2. Fiberhome launched a new type of optical fiber product and has applied for a patent for its invention, which may have a positive impact on the engineering and cost of future Internet backbone lines.

3. Ruijie Networks launches new all-optical switch router all-in-one for rapid deployment in enterprises and campuses   

II. Satellite communications  

1. “Starlink” service price increase, users can unsubscribe

2. “Starlink” launches its first mature commercial scenario, the "Cabin Internet access" service

3.  China Information Science and Technology Group leads the discussion on 6G satellite and terrestrial convergence mobile communication technology, which is jointly initiated by several domestic and academic institutions

III. Global Market

1. Total market investment in IT hardware and software for data centers worldwide has grown significantly

2. Global shipments of optical modules for Ethernet and WDM grow significantly