Biweekly report of market trend(4月上)

Biweekly market trend report

April.2022 (part A)

I. IDC and the Global Backbone Network

1. Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences, Prof. Guilu Long's team at Tsinghua University and Prof. Jianhua Lu's team have collaborated to design and implement a new quantum direct communication system with hybrid coding of phase quantum states and time-stamped quantum states, with a communication distance of 100 km; the research results show that point-to-point direct quantum communication between cities is feasible through existing mature technical means.

2. Officially commencing construction of the China Telecom Hangzhou Data Centre with a total investment of RMB 5 billion.

3. Akamai Named Leader in IDC Marketspace: Global Commercial CDN Vendor Assessment in 2022.



Ⅱ. Satellite communications

1. Amazon accelerates its space Internet project, Project Kuiper, which is similar to “Starlink”.

2. The French Conseil d'Etat annulled the decision of Electronic Communications and Arcep to award a frequency band to Starlink, SpaceX's low-Earth orbit satellite broadband service.

Ⅲ. New Product Launch

H3C Group launches the world's first enterprise-class and new product Wi-Fi 7, Wi-Fi 7 supports 3 frequency bands, 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz, with a maximum negotiation rate of 46.08Gbps and latency control within 5ms, which is more than 50% lower than the 10-20ms latency of Wi-Fi 6. In terms of multi-AP collaboration, it enables multi-AP coordination and joint transmission, avoiding interference and collision between BSS, and greatly improving the utilization of  resources.