Biweekly report of market trend(4月下)

Biweekly market trend report

April.2022 (part B)

I. Market trend forecast

1. Omdia claims the SD-WAN market will reach $6.7 billion in revenue by 2026; last year, the SD-WAN market performed well, with total revenue exceeding $1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 24% year-on-year.From a vendor perspective, SD-WAN provider VMware led the way with 18% market share in Q2021, closely followed by Versa Networks (17%) and Cisco (13%).

2. Omdia estimates that the global enterprise edge services market will reach $97 billion by 2022, which would imply a 20.4% CAGR; the value of the enterprise edge services market will soar to $214 billion by 2026. Edge locations will also shift from customer locations (53% in 2022 and 38% in 2026) to PoPs such as cloud access points and, to a lesser extent, to data centers. By 2026, more than a third of edge service revenues will be realized as part of PoP deployments, presenting key opportunities and challenges for ICT service providers.

II. Satellite communications

1. Amazon's “Project Kuiper”, Elon Musk's SpaceX and four other companies have been awarded contracts worth a total of $278.5 million from NASA, which can support communications services in future space missions.

Guangdong Tongyu Communication Co., Ltd. raised funds to invest in the project of "Research on beam adaptive communication antenna technology for satellite ground terminal”. It is claimed that beam auto-tracking technology based on LEO satellite communications can be extended to 5G millimeter wave base station antennas and millimeter wave backhaul antenna products, of which 5G millimeter wave base stations can solve the problem of low latency and high speed coverage of various application scenarios in hot spot areas of voice services. 5G millimetre wave backhaul can replace fibre optic transmission and compensate for the inability of fibre optics to reach some of the signal blind spot areas.