Biweekly market trend report(5月上)

Biweekly market trend report

May.2022 (part A)

I. Global Market Size

1. In the second half of the 2021, China's financial cloud market reached US$3.90 billion, up 39.3% year-on-year. Of which, the infrastructure and solutions markets grew at 38.4% and 41.4% respectively.

2. The China SD-WAN market has reached US$190 million in 2021, growing at a rate of nearly 90%. IDC estimates that it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 55.3% over the next five years, reaching US$1.72 billion in China by 2026.

Ⅱ. Space-Ground Integrated Network

1. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has disclosed a patent for a "star-seeking method and device" with the patent number CN114494408A. The patent abstract shows that the application provides a star-seeking method and device that can be applied to satellite communication systems, making the star-seeking method applicable to mobile terminals, while taking into account the low cost, small size and low power consumption of mobile terminals.

2. The American Physical Society is leading research into the use of quantum communication technology for space-ground integrated network, and is developing two key components of the system, the Quantum Repeater and the Quantum Data Center.

3. The US military has indicated that within a year the US will be testing the networking of commercial and military satellites for tactical and strategic communications.

. Global Backbone Network

1.  Nanchang national Internet backbone direct connection point was officially opened recently, becoming the interconnection hub of China's Internet backbone network.

2. China Mobile International Limited (CMI), China Unicom International Limited (CUG), Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc.(Converge) and PPTEL SEA H2X Sdn. Bhd (PPTEL SEA-H2X) decide to collaborate. Together, they recently announced plans to collaborate on the establishment of the SEA-H2X international submarine cable system to accelerate digital transformation in Asia and around the world, operated by members of the International Submarine Cable Alliance and built by HMN Tech.

3. Xiamen was officially approved to be the first city in Fujian Province to set up a dedicated international Internet data channel.

4. Nokia has announced the successful completion of a network trial with Telecom Italia (TIM) using its PSE-Vs fifth generation super photonic chip. The trial demonstrated 600G transmission over a 1008 km link, thus setting a new milestone in spectrum efficiency in real-world incumbent networks. This enables Telecom Italia to further increase its optical network capacity and support 400G Ethernet (400GE) services in long-haul networks.

5. Pan Jianwei and Zhang Qiang of the Chinese University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Wang Xiangbin and Liu Yang of the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, have realized an experimental system that incorporates quantum key distribution and fiber optic vibration sensing. While completing the fiber optic double-field quantum key distribution (TF-QKD), 658 km long-range fiber optic sensing has been achieved, with a positioning accuracy of 1 km, significantly breaking the limitation that the distance of traditional fiber optic vibration sensing technology can hardly exceed 100 km.

IV. Products & Applications

1. China Telecom launches the first VoLTE encrypted call product based on quantum information technology. This product adopts the "triple protection", including  domestic customized mobile phone, quantum security SIM card and national security algorithm, which provides users with integrated security protection. Moreover, this new product will bring users a new technological, fashionable, safe and convenient experience of confidential communication based on the guarantee of native terminal support and VoLTE high-definition calls.

2. ZTE, together with 12 major terminal manufacturers including Apple, OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi, and five major chip manufacturers, completed 5G HD Voice (VoNR) end-network testing in Chengdu, covering a variety of scenarios including basic calls, intercommunicate between different systems and manufacturers, and mobility. Multi-system VoNR network performance of wireless, core network, terminal and chip are fully proven.

3. China Unicom's SD-WAN Project wins "SD-WAN+Cloud-Network Convergence Service Award.

4. China Telecom and Fiberhome have joined forces to launch a seamless roaming solution for all-optical Wi-Fi in hotels, and have completed network upgrades in several hotels in Hubei , Anhui and other provinces, organically combining the China Telecom Wi-Fi platform with in-hotel converged terminal Wi-Fi. The same SSID is used between hotels of the same brand and within the hotel to create a unified portal operation mode for hotels, which can bring residents convenient, high-speed, stable and assured using experience.

5. Huawei was awarded Gartner Peer Insights’ "Customer Choice" for WAN infrastructure in 2022, winning the award for the third consecutive year. In the same report, Huawei SD-WAN was also awarded "Customer's Choice" in three categories: medium-sized enterprises, Asia Pacific, and Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This proves that Huawei's SD-WAN solutions have been widely recognized by customers around the world.

6. China Mobile and the State Information Center held a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony in Beijing and jointly initiated the construction of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), which has become an influential public infrastructure service platform in the blockchain field.

7. Vodafone Group has partnered with Google and data analytics company to build a pan-European network performance platform, which aimed at providing the operator's customers with a better using experience across 11 markets.