Gather in the ASEAN Information Port to help the ASEAN cultural industry
Recently, Yang Jun, vice president of ZTE, Yang Fujun, Yang Fujun, general manager of Nanning Office and Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom visited the ASEAN Information Port in Nanning, Guangxi, and held a symposium on the construction of China ASEAN Information and culture exchange and communication service platform. Liu Zheng, vice president of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, personally received and arranged a visit to the exhibition hall of ASEAN Information Port.

The China ASEAN Information Port is in line with the overall layout of the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy, building a closer China ASEAN destiny community and an important platform for the maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century. It is also an important measure to implement the new mission entrusted by the state to the "three great strategies" of Guangxi. It is jointly constructed by China and ASEAN countries to deepen interoperability and strengthen information cooperation as the basic content so as to form a China ASEAN information hub with Guangxi as its fulcrum.

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As a subsidiary of ZTE, Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has many years of overseas media operation experience and rich overseas media market resources.

At the symposium, the three sides reached an agreement on promoting China ASEAN Information and cultural exchanges and developing cultural cooperation in a wider range, in a wider field and in a deeper level. The three sides will jointly build the "China ASEAN cultural Silk Road" by giving full play to their advantageous resources and technologies.

ASEAN countries are China's important strategic partners. There is a huge space for China ASEAN economic cooperation, and culture, as a pioneer, plays an important role. After the meeting, Liu Zheng, vice president of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, took a group photo with leaders of ZTE and Livecom, and expressed sincere wishes for the implementation of the ASEAN Information and cultural exchange project as soon as possible. We believe that the cooperation between China and ASEAN will be better tomorrow, and the cooperation between China and ASEAN Information Port will be better tomorrow!