Simandou Satellite Network Project

Located in Guinea, West Africa, the Simandou is a world-class and high-quality open pit hematite mine. Its estimated that the iron ore reserves that meet JORC standards have reached 2.4 billion tonnes. Moreover, the total resource is expected to be close to 5 billion tonnes and the overall ore grade is among the highest in the world at 66-67%.

After the project is put into operation, the global supply of iron ore will significantly increase. Moreover, it also plays a strategic role effectively alleviating the tight supply of iron ore in China and improving the degree of iron ore resource security in China. At the meantime, the project company will also be a leading global iron ore producer and the project will be of great significance to the development of the global iron ore industry after its done.

In response to the country's the Belt and Road Initiative strategy, LiveCom has been providing efficient satellite network services and cross-border acceleration services for various Chinese enterprises overseas for decades. With the stable service we provide, the overseas Chinese enterprises can communicate with their headquarters in China smoothly. Moreover, we also provide fast and effective data services for overseas Chinese staffs to contact with their home countries.

In this context, in April 2022, LiveCom seized the chance to provide satellite network access service for Simandou so as to ensure the stable network quality.

In this project, LiveCom provides satellite internet service, satellite TV service and international voice service for the clients. With the satellite internet service, the clients can contact with the domestic head office through video and voice conferencing smoothly, and access to domestic OA and other intranet systems quickly. For the Chinese employees who are far away from home, they can watch 20 domestic channels in mainland China as the same way in China through the Satellite TV service we provide. The international voice service provides customers with a dedicated phone line to call domestically.

This satellite network project is an important step in the process of information technology construction of Simandou, and its also a solid step for LiveCom to entering the West African market, which is of great significance for the subsequent network promotion in Guinea and the whole West African market later.