An African mining company was successfully connected to our satellite platform

A copper mine in Congo Gold, Africa, is another important local resource project of a Chinese enterprise in Africa. As the project site is far away from the city and in the border area between the country, there is no operator on site to provide stable network resources.

However, as the project progresses, a large number of Chinese staff will be planned to work on site at a later stage. The poor network environment at the site prevents Chinese staff from accessing office software such as OA, mailboxes, etc., and from connecting smoothly with domestic voice and video conferences, which seriously affects office efficiency. In addition, the local Chinese personnel cannot meet their normal needs for entertainment and Internet access during the weekend, so the on-site network problem needs to be solved urgently.

LiveCom, as an integrated satellite communication network and global backbone network service provider, tailored a communication solution for the Chinese company. By taking advantage of the satellite's adaptability, wide coverage, geography-independence and rapid deployment, we provide the user satellite network connection from the project site to the Hong Kong ground station. Then through dedicated global backbone network line provided by LiveCom, the user can achieve the direct interconnection from Hong Kong to domestic headquarters.

With the communication solution provided by us, the user can access to network at the front project site, achieving fast and stable network connection with the domestic headquarters. We also optimizes and accelerates the speed for important access applications, such as mailboxes, OA, ERP, etc. so as to ensure user experience. With the joint efforts of both parties, we finally successfully completed the installation of the satellite antenna and its entry into the network on June 28. After a series of tests, the indicators fully meet the customer's requirements, providing quality communication services for the customer's project execution in Africa.