Successful acceptance of Kenya ground station project of CCTV Africa station
On April 28, 2017, the CCTV African satellite ground station system constructed and operated by our company successfully tested for customer's acceptance. Ding Wenhua, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and chief engineer of CCTV, led CCTV technical expert group to visit our satellite ground station in Kenya to complete the acceptance, accompanied by Chen Jiang, general manager of our company.

Test for acceptance

The customer was very satisfied with the results of this acceptance. Academician Ding Wenhua at the acceptance site indicated that "at present, Kenya ground station of African sub station undertakes the task of CCTV's three hours of global live program every day, with heavy tasks and important status, and needs to do a full range of signal transmission guarantee. Previously, the submarine cable special line provided by other suppliers failed frequently and was not competent for the main channel of program transmission. However, the African satellite ground station system operated and operated by Livecom has been upgraded to the main channel of program transmission with stable operation, reliable quality and in place service since its opening. "

Group photo of acceptance team

In addition, academician Ding also said that all maintenance personnel of the ground station system need to maintain the existing high-quality service and keep improving. They need to ensure the transmission task of each live program professionally, cautiously and diligently.