The second council meeting of African video media alliance was held in Jinglong
On July 4, 2017, the second council meeting of the African video media alliance was successfully held in Beijing media center. The leaders who attended the meeting included Mr. Xie Lijian, deputy director of International Department of CCTV, Mr. Teng Yunping, President of global Broadcasting Corporation (CGTN), Mr. Gao Wei, general manager of CCTV +, Ms. Song Jianning, director of French channel of global Broadcasting Corporation (CGTN), Mr. Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom, and the person in charge of the customs of news media in 13 African countries 

Participants of African TV station of the Second Council of African video media Union

Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom, delivered a keynote speech on "building a media platform synchronized with the times", introducing Livecom's CDN content distribution network and African market service capabilities.

This conference reviewed the overall work of Alu in the last year, and discussed the future development goals, development philosophy, organizational structure and other issues of ALU, and reached the following consensus:

1、Alu members affirmed the achievements of the past year. In the future, more news materials should be shared through Alu platform, so that the whole world can fully understand Africa from a good perspective.

2、Alu members should focus on the upload of news materials, not only the number of news materials uploaded, but also the quality of the uploaded news materials. Each member state promises to upload at least one news media material every day on average.

3、Alu members should work together to increase communication among members, deepen media cooperation between China and Africa, establish working groups and hold working group meetings on a regular basis.

4、China Africa news broadcast will be launched.

5、Through the song contest to spread the culture of China and Africa, CCTV + shares the revenue with the participating member countries.

6、We will work together to create an annual award mechanism for Alu news, and all members will participate in the discussion and determination of award methods.

7、The ALU Council is held by all members in turn.

8、CCTV + will intensify the training for members, including Alu mechanism, TV news gathering and broadcasting.

9、Livecom will further provide more professional technical training for Alu members.

10、To explore the content of Chinese film and TV series needed by the member countries.

11、Alu offices are planned to be established in Nairobi, Kenya, in order to establish closer ties with Alu members.

Group photo after meeting