African experts devoted their efforts to solve problems in non Chinese enterprises.
With China's implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, the industrialization strategy of African countries has been butted up, which has brought new opportunities for overseas development of massive Chinese enterprises. In recent years, China's investment in transportation, energy, communication and other fields has increased, and a large number of transnational Chinese enterprises have been introduced to Africa to help.

Recently, Livecom, the enterprise's overseas communication service expert, actively responded to the national initiative. Through 10 years of exploration and accumulation, combined with its own advantages and resources, and in accordance with the company's customer field service plan, Livecom dispatched more than 10 experts in charge of the African regional market, completed the task of market inspection and field service in the first half of the year. The expert group from the beginning of May to the first ten days of August went to Africa and has held a three-month Livecom Africa activity, which aims to have in-depth exchanges with Chinese enterprises in Africa, and provide customized solutions for the international connectivity, Internet access, information security, cross-border voice communication they encounter in Africa.

Overseas camp project team

The group has visited Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Sudan, Guinea, Angola, Namibia, Zambia and more than 10 countries in batches. When the expert group goes to the country, they goes deep into the project camp to inspect the project equipment in operation, and at the same time, they helps customers to solve their immediate problems.

Camp of a project in Ethiopia

National television of Ethiopia

During this period, the expert group went deep into the camp of Chinese enterprises, learned the current situation of local network communication on the spot, helped customers to build a new office environment in the new camp, and greatly improved the efficiency of project operation.

At the same time, the expert group carried out hardware and software inspection for CDN projects of CCTV in non Alu national TV stations. While improving the service quality, it also shortened the distance with national TV stations, laying a foundation for deeper cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Help users to solve immediate difficulties

Large and medium-sized Chinese enterprises in Africa have network congestion and delay in the interconnection with domestic headquarters. The expert group has solved the immediate difficulties for enterprises through the resource advantages of transnational special line, such as video conference, office system coordination, etc.

Photo with head of Chinese Enterprises

In their countries, the expert group devotes itself to promoting and serving the Chinese TV business for the local Chinese in order to enrich their overseas life. They are not only popular with the local Chinese, but also warmly welcomed by the local students of Confucius Institute.

Confucius Institute in Sudan thanks Livecom for providing Chinese TV

Such activities in Africa will become the normalization activities for Livecom to serve the overseas market in the future. Through the years of experience of Livecom in overseas market cultivation, as well as the joint efforts of governments at all levels and enterprises, the service quality of overseas Chinese funded enterprise camps in the field of communication will be rapidly developed and improved, and the ultimate benefit is not only Livecom, but also the country’s economy along the line and the quality of life and work of overseas Chinese. We will create a new situation of "mutual benefit and win-win cooperation".