Livecom successfully hosted the Laos Promotion Conference of China TV program
On the afternoon of September 19, 2017, CCTV International Media Co., Ltd. held the Laos promotion conference of China TV program in Vientiane, Laos, and talked with the media of Lao’s Ministry of information, culture and tourism, the State Television and other relevant enterprises, and talked about the cooperation between China and Laos under the initiative of "One Belt and One Road". Livecom, as the organizer of this event, has successfully completed the relevant work of the promotion conference and gained wide industry attention.   

At the same day's promotion meeting, Inbonakhi, deputy director of the media department of the Ministry of press, culture and tourism of Laos, and Wantong Pingmaghan, deputy director of Laos national television, delivered wonderful speeches respectively. The two leaders have fully affirmed the exchanges between the China-Lao television. At the same time, they encourage the two countries' television fields to take the lead in the background of "One Belt and One Road", and to open up the passage of multi civilization communication so as to create a community of interests with cultural inclusiveness.

Ding Yongbing, general manager of Laos Asia Pacific satellite Co., Ltd., introduced the development of Laos Asia Pacific satellite Co., Ltd. at the promotion meeting. He said that cooperation with China TV Great Wall platform, which is mainly operated and distributed by CCTV international, will make full use of Laos satellite resources to present the charm of Chinese TV culture to the Lao people to the maximum extent.

Zhang Tingting, senior project manager of China ASEAN Information Port Co., Ltd., said that this year, the company signed a tripartite strategic cooperation agreement with CCTV international media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and ZTE Communication Co., Ltd. for the China ASEAN Information and cultural exchange and communication service platform project, aiming to give full play to the advantages of the three parties, and create information and cultural communication, cultural media release and exchange, and the three platforms of ASEAN national culture media, public opinion and information analysis, promote the deepening of cultural exchanges between China and Laos, and provide a strong cultural support for all parties involved in the "One Belt and One Road" initiative.

LV Chunguang, general manager of CCTV International Media Co., Ltd., introduced the basic situation of the Great Wall platform and the latest progress of Laos No.1 satellite Chinese TV project. He said that the Great Wall platform realized the broadcasting of Chinese TV programs in Laos through Laos No.1 satellite, and believed that the wonderful Chinese programs would bring a visual feast to the Lao people.

At the promotion meeting, the guests from China and Laos actively interacted and deepened the understanding between the TV industry of China and Laos. The success of this event means that under the initiative of "One Belt and One Road", the media members of China and the Laos will join hands and shoulder together to collide with more sparks and create a new chapter of the "One Belt and One Boad" story.

As the technical service provider of the Great Wall platform, Livecom helps the Great Wall platform deliver the program to Laos and implement operation and maintenance monitoring, ensuring the broadcast quality of the program, and also plays an important promoter of this cultural cooperation. The hosting of this promotion also proves Livecom's overseas operation ability beyond its technical strength. General manager Chen Jiang, as the main guest, sits at the main table with President Lv of the Great Wall platform and the leaders from all walks of life in Laos to discuss the future road of China Laos media cooperation. We believe that Livecom, as a pioneer of overseas media operation, will play a more important role in the sea trip of Chinese culture.