Malaysian Chinese like to see Chinese TV content landing in Malaysia
Recently, LV Chunguang, general manager of CCTV international media and his party visited Malaysian Chinese communities and Chinese leaders under the arrangement of Livecom and Smart Media, local partners of Malaysia. They exchanged views on the landing of Chinese TV in Malaysia and reached a consensus on cooperation on the China ASEAN cultural exchange platform project.

CCTV international and Livecom first paid a visit to Malaysia's Great Hall of China General Assembly, which was warmly received by President Fang Tianxing. President Fang said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, Malaysia has maintained good relations, including economic and trade exchanges, cultural exchanges and cultural ties. China's "One Belt, One Road" policy of peace and friendship has made tacit understanding and consensus on bilateral relations and international issues. The Chinese content integrated by the Great Wall platform in Malaysia can effectively expand the appeal and influence of Chinese culture.

Later, we visited Malaysia's largest Chinese political party, the Malaysian Chinese Association, and had friendly exchanges with Datuk Liao Zhonglai, chairman of the Malaysian Chinese Association and Minister of transport of Malaysia. As the highest official of Malaysian Chinese, it is not easy for him to meet with the Great Wall platform and Livecom in his busy schedule. Since taking office, Liao has spared no effort to promote the "One Belt and One Road" cooperation in Malaysia, which is very supportive of the China ASEAN cultural exchange platform project. Liao said that he often watches Chinese channels at home. If this project can bring more high-quality Chinese content and spread the high-quality content of Malaysia, it will be a good project for the benefit of the country and the people.

After saying goodbye to minister Liao, CCTV international and Livecom came to the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia. They went through the heavily guarded door, and the embassy was full of bright lights. Ambassador Dr. Huang Huikang happened to have something important to do. Ms. Ma Jia, Minister counsellor, entertained us. Counsellor Ma said that Malaysia has nearly 7 million Chinese, accounting for nearly 25% of the total population. With the growing strength of China, the status of Malaysian Chinese in the region has also been improved. Counsellor Ma is very supportive of the landing of Chinese culture in Malaysia. At the same time, he also reminds us to control the content and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries to promote people to people ties.

In the evening, Malaysia's Federation of seven rural groups held a banquet to entertain CCTV international and Livecom, and its chairman, Yun Jin, made a special trip back to Kuala Lumpur from Beijing. The group is composed of seven guildhalls, Fu Association, Ke Association, Chao Association, Guang Association, Hainan Association, Guangxi Association and Sanjiang Association (Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Zhejiang). It is one of the most important Chinese associations in Malaysia. All the presidents and main leaders of the village and League were present. Mr. Gu Runjin, the chairman of the delegation, made a speech to welcome CCTV international and Livecom, expressed warm support for Chinese TV content entering the Malay market, and said that he would spare no effort if he needed help in the cultural exchange platform project. At the same time, the presidents of other townships also made sincere speeches. President Chen of Livecom, President Lv of CCTV international, had cordial and friendly exchanges with the presidents of townships.

As an important station of China's "One Belt and One Road" international strategy, Malaysia's long standing Chinese culture is an important basis for cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Malaysia. I believe that in the near future, Livecom will assist CCTV international media and China ASEAN cultural exchange platform to blossom and bear fruit in Malaysia!