livecom services in overseas overseas information and communication services

LiveCom has established a number of overseas data nodes all over the world including Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sydney, Cagliari, New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Johannesburg. The nodes are deployed in well-known data centers and converged over the world And switching center, the data backbone between the international backbone of the Internet, LiveCom's all business platforms and service systems are built on these data centers and backbone networks.

At the same time, LiveCom has established strategic partnership with world famous satellite communication companies such as China Satellite Communications Corporation and European Satellite Company. LiveCom can use these partners' ground stations, satellite bandwidths and networks to provide customers with resources around the world One-stop communication service.

International green access

As a global communications service provider, LiveCom can provide tailor-made, end-to-end private line access service solutions to "go global" Chinese companies / governments / organizations according to customer needs and access conditions, providing customers with cross-border Communication of the Rainbow Bridge.

For example, LiveCom opens a dedicated line channel for enterprises / governments / organizations through MPLS VPN, SDH and other transmission technologies on the global submarine cable and local network physical channel, and utilizes LiveCom's existing pop point resources to provide guaranteed bandwidth and quality, which is safe and efficient Hosting business.

In countries where submarine cables and local transmission lines are underdeveloped, LiveCom offers a complete satellite solution for businesses / governments / organizations tailored to meet customer's application needs.

In the more advanced Internet access areas, LiveCom can also provide VPN leased line solutions based on the LiveCom global backbone network according to customer needs and existing conditions, and enjoy efficient and stable dedicated line access services with minimal economic investment.

Business integration communications

Combining the advantages of ZTE's terminal services and NGN, LiveCom provides customers with converged communications solutions based on telephone voice systems, hardware video conferencing systems and intelligent mobile terminals.

LiveCom Converged Communications Services help organizations create new process models that drive business innovation and create competitive advantage; use any type of device and communication to execute their business anywhere, anytime; use collaborative environments to increase the productivity of individuals, workgroups, and organizations; Support new features by integrating voice, video and data communications; optimize communications and network environments for optimal performance in a cost-effective manner.

Enterprise international voice calls

With the deepening of globalization and increasing demand for international voice and SMS services, LiveCom, based on a globally deployed backbone network and relying on the voice switching center set up in Hong Kong, can provide flexible enterprise voice customization services, Based on the global rapid deployment and service hosting, support for landline, mobile phones, computers, flexible multi-access, low-cost businesses to meet a variety of international communications applications.