livecom services in overseas Isat satellite Internet service

In Africa and the Middle East, the issue of communication and information has severely restricted the development of Chinese-funded enterprises. LiveCom has established a long-term and stable relationship with the industry's Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat, Spacecom, Reliance, Seacom, MT, Telenor, KT and Airtel And EUTELSAT 10A C-Band covers one of the best satellites in Africa. To solve the problem of Internet access in Africa and parts of the Middle East, Livecom has provided convenient and fast satellite broadband access for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in Africa - iSat satellite high-speed broadband Internet access service to help the healthy development of overseas Chinese-funded enterprises.

iSat satellite broadband Internet service platform deployed in Cagliari, Italy satellite ground master station, through the European satellite E10A Satellite C band docking with the Internet backbone, and then through the transponder access to Africa and the Middle East and other regions access to broadband, using LiveCom Europe to Hong Kong VPN line to provide direct routes to China for overseas Chinese companies to provide shorter delay, wider bandwidth, the rate of more stable Internet access services.

LivecomiSat satellite broadband currently provides high-quality Internet access to users in regions such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific and provides flexible and reliable end-to-end network and billing services based on user needs , While providing 7 * 24 hours after-sales support services