livecom services in overseas IT consulting services

With the booming of the Internet +, companies are increasingly demanding IT consulting services in the digital transformation process. To meet the market demand, Livecom set up an IT consulting business unit in 2012 to help those group-type enterprises with professional IT technologies, Large and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises going out to provide a full range of end-to-end professional new IT services.

Livecom's IT consulting business focuses on the following areas: IT Planning and IT Outsourcing, Data Center and Cloud Computing Services, Enterprise Application Systems Solutions, Supplier Relationship Management Solutions, Enterprise Data Analytics Services, Group Financial Management Solutions, Collaborative Commerce The overall solution, ERP system solutions.

Through the introduction of new concepts and technologies such as centralized services, Internet elements and mobile terminals, Livecom's IT consulting business has brought changes to the business management mode of enterprises and improved collaboration efficiency and operation costs. Through the centralized management of data centers, cloud computing technology The application of IT resources to achieve integration and support the globalization of the Group's operations, thereby enhancing the overall level of their own management.