livecom services in overseas television media business

As China's overseas enterprises, families and individuals are getting more and more overseas Chinese organizations are increasingly large. Due to the underdevelopment of their networks, overseas compatriots, while developing their businesses, also urgently need to understand the domestic dynamics and hope to see domestic TV show. To meet the urgent needs of overseas compatriots, Livecom has set up a media business platform in Hong Kong to concentrate its high-quality media resources and technologies in China on serving domestic and overseas customers, including individual clients and group clients.

Livecom's media business platform in Hong Kong is divided into three major directions: satellite TV, Internet TV and TV source station, covering more than 100 television programs serving more than 20 countries.

Cable TV

Love TV is LiveCom to create a Chinese-focused satellite TV platform focused on the Chinese market. At present, it has cooperated with major international media companies such as China International TV Corporation, Five Star Sports Media and the Great Wall Platform to provide coverage for Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South America More than a hundred countries have satellite television (DTH) services, covering a population of more than a billion people. Programs include films, TV shows, current events, economy, culture, sports, tourism and entertainment. LiveCom satellite TV service, with C-band satellite communication signal, stable signal, not affected by the rainy season, providing single user access, multi-machine access and satellite TV access to CATV / IPTV networks for individual users, corporate users and group users Kind of access solution

In addition, Avision TV relies on exciting program content, first-class service has won widespread recognition of users, as Chinese television in Africa's first brand. Next, our service will be expanded to the Middle East and Central Asia, allowing more Chinese compatriots to watch our satellite TV.

Internet TV

The OTT Internet TV service is an Internet television platform jointly established by Livecom and the Great Wall platform of China International Television Corporation. The Great Wall platform is the only authorized overseas broadcast platform of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Its copyright covers all other countries and regions outside mainland China.

The genuine Chinese content provided by the Great Wall platform includes dozens of live channels of CCTV, satellite TV and local stations and on-demand content of tens of thousands of hours of excellent film and TV drama, bringing pure Chinese culture to overseas Chinese.

TV source station

The TV source station is a global media exchange center established by Livecom based on the Hong Kong media business platform. It provides a platform for overseas programs to go in and domestic programs to go abroad, so as to further expand domestic and international cultural channels and enhance international communication capabilities. Making our country's mainstream media image, sound, text, information spread more widely in overseas.