livecom services in the implementation of the project overseas

After 10 years of great strides, Livecom's projects have spread all over the world, especially in Africa and the Middle East, covering major multinational corporations such as mining, petroleum, construction, telecom operators, film and television, education and other overseas markets Plug in soaring wings, bringing huge economic benefits.
Over the past ten years, Livecom has loved to ride out the continents in all continents. With lots of blood, passion, wisdom and sweat, Livecom has completed countless projects including satellite communications and leased lines, satellite Internet access, CDN construction and operation, digital television ground stations, education network access And other projects; received numerous customer heartfelt praise: "You're amazing, in such a short period of time to accomplish such a huge project, is almost impossible to become a reality."
Livecom's successful delivery of each project is inseparable from the company's customized services, localized resources and professional technical support.
All projects have to go through the following process after the successful bidder: Contract signing - Project start-up - Procurement project related equipment - Clearance - Project implementation staff in place - Project implementation (installation and commissioning) - Project acceptance Material preparation - Delivered to customers.