livecom services in the overseas community, a brilliant!

From a small unknown company in the field of communications to the development of a large enterprise communications service provider that is renowned abroad, trusted, strong internationally competitive and strongly socially responsible, Livecom has spent 10 years to realize this history Sex span. In this span of 10 years, it can not be done without the silencing of the hundreds of overseas engineering executives who left their homeland for hundreds of days and nights, went to the cold areas, the desert Gobi and the mountains and jungles precisely because they worked diligently , Daunting hard work to pay, which makes Livecom Aisin Da will be able to successfully deliver projects to our customers, the company step by step toward a higher peak.

Although every execution of the project was difficult and after many hardships, the successful delivery of each project and the high opinion of the customers rejoiced livecom's staff and all the sweat was rewarded. All It is worth the effort