Successful Annual Meeting 2018 of Livecom

Livecom Ltd. ("Livecom") held its Annual Mmeeting 2018 at Evergreen Resort Hotel on January 22, 2018. The staff of Livecom came back to Shenzhen for a happy gathering on January 21 from Hong Kong, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and abroad. This meeting specially invited Mr. Lv Jiakui, representative of Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, a strategic partner and investor of Livecom; Mr. Qu Xingli, board chairman of Shanghai Shunmao Information Technology Co., Ltd., and sales & marketing director of ZTE Corporation attend and address. They summarized the past and consulted the future in the meeting. 

Site of meeting

Livecom had more gains in 2017 in the economic downturn

The general manager of Livecom, Mr. Chen Jiang, summarized the development of Livecom in 2017 in the meeting. He analyzed the internal and external situation and proposed the management idea and development direction of the company. 

 Chen Jiang, GM of Livecom, made a speech

Mr. Chen said that in the past year, although the market environment was extremely harsh, many difficulties were encountered in the process of the project. Through the concerted efforts of all employees of the company, the company persevered and worked hard. In 2017, Chen said that in the past year, all staff of Livecom made great efforts in the severe market environment and had satisfactory gains, for example, Livecom realized the turnover of RMB 50 million by the project contracts from the existing major clients and exceeded the business target; the TDMA business also obtained the performance RMB 11 million; the IDD business fell in the past years but luckily the revenue in 2017 reached nearly RMB 110 million. In addition, etc. After four-year efforts in development of new business areas as videl and new media DTH, Livecom realized the revenue nearly RMB 6 million in 2017. This may become the next growing point of the compay. 

In 2018, Livecom will continually strengthen market development and extend business field; make media business innovation and new IT consultation business; actively promote acceptance of several major projects, strengthen upgrade of network platform, improve efficiency, bring customers more interest and obtain more competition advantages, Chen added. 

Mr. Zhao Tao, Deputy VP of Livecom, made a speech

Mr. Zhao Tao, Deputy General Manager and Director of Second Business Department of Livecom, summaried in the meeting that the Business Development Department exceeded its business target in the severe market environment, depends on the efforts and cooperation of the the whole staff and different departments. He believed that with the continuing effort , they will bring even larger earnings for livecom and  better return to its investors in the year 2018. 
Looking forward to the next 2~3 years, Chen expressed that Livecom will increase the investment to upgrade the 
network platform and perfect the supporting system. It will intensify the adoption of new technologies like HTS satellite, SD-Wan, AIOps, and so on.  Livecom is going to strength it’s market development of the major business, to increase the quantities of the customers and enhance the ability of services.  Livecom is going to built up No.1 Brand in oversea’s ICT infrastructure construction and one-stop service, to serve the all big customers as a scheme planner, implementor and network operation and maintenance provider.
Chen finally emphasized that we should strengthen the customer-oriented value system and improve the core competition of Livecom through cooperation and effort of all staff. We can surely complete the business target of 2018 if we would be confident, decisive and practical. 

The staff of Livecom happily visited Xianhu Botanical Garden

 The staff of Livecom visited Xianhu Botanical Garden

After the annual meeting of 2018 ended, the staff of Livecom visited Xianhu Botanical Garden, a Class 4A Scenic Area of Shenzhen on January 23. They enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, ate vegetarian dishes and visited the image of Buddha in the Hongfa Temple. They saw 500 fossil trees forming in the Mesozoic era (70-150 million years ago). The staff of Livecom finally took a group photo in front the tree that was previously planted by Deng Xiaoping, the reform and opening policy maker of China. 

Fossil forest

Group photo in front of the tree planted by Deng Xiaoping 

With the closing of the Annual Meeting 2018 of Livecom Ltd., the employee of Livecom learned a lot. They are confident when look back 2017 and more pressure when look into 2018. Livecom expects a larger achievement in the new year. 
All necessary conditions and resources are ready for our future development. Come on, everyone!