The acceptance of China Railway Hong Kong access center has been completed successfully
Recently, the overseas network construction project (phase I) of China Railway Hong Kong access center construction project undertaken by Livecom Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Livecom") has been successfully accepted in the Xin HuaFeng building of Livecom Hong Kong computer room.

Acceptance photo

Yu Xingyi, Minister of technology and Information Technology Department of China Railway, led the expert team to participate in the acceptance, and Chen Jiang, general manager of Livecom, the builder, led the relevant engineering expert team to accompany the whole process.

It is reported that the launch of China Railway global network construction project is to solve the problems of overseas branches accessing and accessing domestic information systems, improve the quality of network data transmission of overseas branches, and improve the international service level of China railway information technology. As a large-scale global cross-border enterprise communication solution provider, Livecom, with more than ten years of overseas communication service experience and its own advantages, has obtained the construction right of China Railway global network construction project.

Project Acceptance Review Meeting

After two years of planning in China Railway, the project was officially launched by Livecom in July 2017 and completed in September of the same year. After three months of trial operation, it was officially put into use in early 2018.

China Railway Uganda access to Hong Kong access center

For the results of this acceptance, Yu Xingyi said that the expert team of China Railway and himself are very satisfied with the results of this acceptance. The whole project perfectly matches the operation of the whole overseas network construction project of China Railway, and the completion is very beautiful. However, the completion of the Hong Kong access center is only the first step in the long march. With the increasingly rapid pace of China Railway internationalization, it puts forward high requirements for the company's information construction. I hope that in the future, everyone will continue to make efforts to continue the efficient operation of the project and provide more and greater support for China Railway internationalization.

Expert team visits 7 * 24-hour operation and maintenance center of Livecom Hong Kong

The expert team visited the Hong Kong Computer Room of Livecom

Expert team visits Hong Kong satellite earth station of Livecom