Liu Zengxing: Work together to promote brilliance.
From the planning and launch in December last year to the formal end of the activity on March 1 this year, the first all agency conference of ASTV, which lasted for more than three months, finally came to an end.

Looking back on these three months, from the idea of the conference to the successful conclusion of the event, we can't do without the hard work of colleagues and the cooperation of the whole team, which will be a valuable asset for us.

A complete activity mainly includes activity conception, activity planning, preliminary preparation, activity development and activity summary. Next, according to this timeline to sort out ideas and make a review and summary of this agent conference.

At the beginning of December, when the idea of the activity was put forward, everyone was quite relaxed. They thought that the activity was not too difficult, so the preparatory work in the early stage was not particularly anxious, and the whole timeline was very relaxed. After the activity budget and activity framework came out, I made the activity planning plan and implementation plan according to the activity framework because I had done many activities planning and implementation before. In the process of refinement, it is gradually found that this activity is not simple in fact. There are many details and links that can not be controlled. In addition, the host of the activity is in Shenzhen, and our team are all in Shanghai. At the beginning, it really has a lot of problems and difficulties. Therefore, we will repeatedly communicate the plan and implement the details, and try our best to separate the uncontrollable factors, so that we can control every process node and detail of the meeting and take the initiative in our own hands.

At that time, the preparatory work for the conference was mainly divided into four modules. The first module was the material preparation for printing design class, mainly including the conference of roll screen, the sign in book, the attendance card, the cultural shirt and so on. The second module is ready-made material preparation, such as drinks, gifts, prizes and so on. These are standardized materials, which can be purchased and transported, sent to Shenzhen in a unified way, and kept by colleagues in Shenzhen. The third module is the preparation of hardware services, including hotels, conference rooms, catering, vehicles and so on. There are many uncertainties, which need to focus on control and field visits, and will also be mentioned later. The fourth module is software preparation, including meeting PPT, meeting process, agent communication and other software. This preparation is also the core of the whole meeting, and the success of the meeting is closely related to this. After discussing and communicating these modules, we decided to adopt the principle of "first urgent, then slow, division of labor and cooperation" to prepare.

At the same time, printing design and software preparation are carried out. These two parts are the most time-consuming and need constant modification. Among them, the printing design class needs printing design and logistics transportation for a long time, so the priority is to prepare these materials when preparing. Later, the unexpected situation also proves that this is right. The meeting process including PPT is also communicated repeatedly by our team, which is constantly modified to achieve the best results. In this process, there were also some emergencies, the most obvious one was the cultural shirt. At that time, the cultural shirt saw a lot of samples, and finally determined the style of the charge clothing. After looking at the samples, the seller placed an order. As a result, the seller sent the wrong goods. At that time, it was close to the Spring Festival, many stores and logistics had been off, and the seller could not handle it. Faced with this unexpected problem, the team almost asked Taobao sellers, and finally found two stores to confirm that they can deliver goods immediately after the Spring Festival, so as to ensure that they can be received before the meeting. After the Spring Festival, the team placed an order for production with a heart of apprehension. Finally, we received clothes before the meeting, with good quality and printing. There are more or less problems and difficulties in the preparation, which we have overcome one by one. These difficulties have also trained our team cooperation ability and adaptability. We are not afraid to encounter difficulties, but afraid of not having the ability and courage to solve them.

The third module hardware service is the one we run out of in Shenzhen, including the hotel accommodation environment and conference room environment, all of which have been seen one by one. It's convenient to take photos and prepare after coming back. In terms of food and beverage selection, we have also run many hotels. First, we have screened out qualified hotels in terms of environment and service, and then we have tasted the taste and dishes at home to confirm that their taste meets our requirements. In this process, because we are not particularly familiar with the catering in Shenzhen, we have received great help from our colleagues in Shenzhen, especially sister Na, who has given us great help and constructive opinions from the choice of the hotel to the choice of every dish. Through this activity, we have fully demonstrated the unity and cohesion among our colleagues.

As there is a Spring Festival in the middle, the meeting will be held immediately after the Spring Festival. We decided to advance all the materials and preparations, improve all the preparations before the Spring Festival, and check the details again and again. In this process, I also got the full assistance of my colleagues in Shenzhen. Zhang Xiaohe and Xu Wei were repeatedly "harassed" by me. So many materials were signed and delivered by them. Thank them again here.

On the second day of the Spring Festival, we went to Shenzhen to make preparations. Although we have just finished the Spring Festival holiday, we immediately entered the working state. In Shenzhen, Mr. Chen first reported the planning plan and details of the whole meeting, and Mr. Chen also gave us a lot of valuable suggestions, which helped us prepare for the meeting. Then we went through the whole scheme again, improved the details, counted all the materials and equipment, and ensured that there was no problem in every process link.

Next is the four-day activity time, from the morning of the  airport to meet agents on 26th, arrange accommodation to the  meeting on 27th, the games on 28th, and the 1st March to see off all agents, everyone is nervous, according to the previous planning scheme and division of labor orderly work, not only to maintain the fluency of the entire meeting but also to fully communicate and exchange with agents to get the latest information in front. Four days down, everyone's common saying is tired, want to go back to Shanghai to have a good sleep.

There are not many problems in the whole meeting, basically meeting the expected results and requirements, but there are still many problems and deficiencies, we need to summarize and reflect, so that similar activities can be better and more effective next time. To sum up, I think there are mainly the following problems. First, the preliminary preparation is not enough, there is no manual for the conference, only a flow sheet for the conference, and the details of the conference, check-in manual, transportation and other things that the agent hopes to see are not reflected, which needs to be avoided in the future. Second, the meeting time estimation is insufficient. In the process of meeting preparation, the time control of each link is insufficient, resulting in the extension of the overall meeting time, and some links are compressed. Third, due to the improper division of labor, the marketing team is busy with other things to a certain extent, and the time for communication with each agent is not enough, which affects the meeting effect. There are still many details that will not be listed one by one. In the next activities, we must learn from the experience and lessons of this time and strive to make every time well done and refined.

Unknowingly, I wrote so much in a long and wordy way. What I want to express most through organizing this activity is thanks. Thank you for the trust of the leaders, the ability to give me such an important activity to organize as a whole, and the strong support and tacit cooperation of all colleagues of the company and the marketing team, which can make this meeting a successful conclusion and achieve the expected results. Secondly, I also got a lot of exercise in this meeting, not only in the control of the general direction of work, but also in the implementation of the details of work. It can be said that I have benefited a lot. I hope to move forward with the company in the future and make greater contributions to the company!