Fan Wei: Thank you, win-win cooperation.
We have been preparing for the Agency Conference for nearly three months, and it has finally ended in the appreciation of the agency partners. Just as the theme of the conference is "thank you, win-win cooperation", many agents who met for the first time showed a positive attitude that we were overjoyed. As many agents said, this meeting for the first time let us feel that we are a family.

Thousands of miles, or far apart from each other, we usually communicate with the business of ASTV through social software, most of which have not yet met each other, but in the hearts of each other, we have been deeply integrated into our mark. Even if some agents friends are very different to what we think, this does not prevent us from communicating with each other openly, because everyone from every corner of the earth can get together at this moment, and the chance is really precious.

The keynote we set for this conference is more about the way of discussion and more about the opinions and suggestions of the agents. The fact shows that this way has a better effect. Many agents give us valuable opinions and suggestions. I am most impressed by how we develop users, resist competitors, and discuss new business. In terms of hospitality, we also made full preparations. We began to work hard one month in advance to prepare for the rehearsal of catering, accommodation, scenic spots and meetings. Because it was the first time, we all spent a lot of effort on the preliminary preparation. Although there are still some areas to be improved in some details, the agent gave a high evaluation on the whole.

There are also some deficiencies in the overall arrangement of the meeting, because the meeting is arranged for the first whole day and the next day of play. The time arrangement is quite full. Maybe it is our first organization. There is not much time for the whole trip to fully communicate with the agents and partners. This meeting is a rare opportunity. Many of them go to different places in the twinkling of an eye when they meet for the first time. With the permission of conditions. , we can hold more exchange meetings with agents. In addition, we should try our best to improve the process in terms of arrangement, and set aside half a day in time for us to fully communicate and get along with each agent in groups, which will help us share information with agents in the market and business, and help us better develop our business. What's fresh in my memory is that I prepared all the key communication points with all agents before this agent conference, including user development, content cooperation of TV station, market strategy, etc. when the conference started in a hurry, I was busy with all kinds of things, and the communication was not sufficient, which was the place where I needed to improve in the later stage.

But in terms of the meeting effect, I have a deeper understanding and experience, which will eventually affect my future work: 

win-win first, users are king, and do everything possible to improve the user experience. 

At this meeting, the agent partners' feedback on the program quality is considered as the core and fundamental. The most direct experience of any product and brand is product quality. Looking back , some problems that we often encounter in the aspects of special line interruption, instability of individual program sources, picture definition, etc. are directly related to our user experience, so I think we should sum up the past, in order to improve the user viewing effect, take the best method to maximize our bandwidth utilization efficiency, guarantee the quality of the hot channel, and improve the overall platform reception. Depending on the quality, we need to work hard on the backup link and Beijing source to ensure the stability of the platform, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both sides. 

We need to strengthen the channels, dig deeper into the market, speed up the pace and develop new markets in the channel of agents. 

We also need to strengthen close cooperation and in-depth communication, such as the mutual promotion of WeChat official accounts, the publicity of advertising platforms and cooperation in other fields. Through this platform, we can really get together and realize the sharing of information and the complementary use of resources. In addition, there are still many countries where we do not have user development and business access. We should speed up the expansion of new markets and strive to send Chinese TV to every Chinese room in Africa. 

Based on the platform and looking into the future, it's really hard for us to come together through this platform. 

Because of this TV business, we've come all the way and we're in the same boat. Next, we need to look far away and expand more cooperation based on the existing business platform, such as content cooperation, advertising business development, monitoring and security, telemedicine, television Advertising screen and so on. People gather firewood with high flame. I believe that in the new year, we will make achievements in one or two fields.

In a twinkling of an eye, it's been a week since the first Agency Conference. The precious moments are always short. Whether we can communicate with each other or whether the preparations for the conference are perfect or not, the meeting leaves precious memories for everyone. The agency group is still receiving the thank-you words from partners over and over again, as stimulants encourage us to join in business, In the future, we will also fully communicate with the agent, fully collect and understand the market information, and help the agent partners to discuss the business in depth. People gather firewood and the flame is high. In the near future, I hope we can work with agents to burn the flame of ASTV more and more.