Livecom has inserted "invisible wings" for Chinese enterprises to "go out".
Premier Li Keqiang said in his government work report this year: "we must persist in joint efforts to build and share together, and implement the results of the" One Belt and One Road" International Cooperation summit. We will expand international production capacity cooperation and drive the export of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese services. " 

The strategy of "One Belt and One Road" laid out by international leaders in the international perspective is designed to break the original regional development pattern of punctuation and lump. From sea land to space, from vertical to horizontal, it connects China's eastern, central and western coastal areas and major coastal port cities, and then connects Asia-Pacific and Europe's two major economic circles. 

Since the "One Belt and One Road" initiative was put forward, more than 100 countries and international organizations all over the world have actively supported and participated in the construction of the "One Belt and One Road”. At the same time, a group of pioneering enterprises actively "go out" to invest overseas. As early as 2015, China's foreign direct investment reached a record high of $145.67 billion, realizing net capital output. Among them, China's investment in the "One Belt and One Road" related countries accounted for 12.6% of the total value of that year, reaching US $14 billion 820 million. 

Today, with the deepening of economic globalization, more and more enterprises, governments and organizations are going abroad, bringing substantial economic benefits to the development of China's production capacity and opening up a new path for local development. However, the expansion of global market can not only rely on passion, nor on capital output alone, but also need cross-border communication information services as support. After all, when these enterprises, governments and organizations go to the world, how to maintain the efficient, stable and rapid operation of the company has become a necessary preparation for the transnational operation of the company. 

Livecom (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Livecom") focuses on cross-border communication information services. It was registered in Shenzhen in 2007 and has SBO license in Hong Kong. It can provide enterprises, governments and transnational organizations with all-round telecommunication / enterprise level communication solutions, and provide international enterprises, government departments and various types of machines construction and operators end-to-end,one-stop communication and information services.

With more than ten years of continuous efforts, Livecom has accumulated rich experience in cooperation with international operators, equipment manufacturers and governments of various countries, and gradually developed into the most reputable cross-border information service provider. We provide overseas Chinese enterprises with "one-stop" services from cross-border data, voice, video conference to satellite TV, camp network coverage, information system consulting, network operation and maintenance Business. It reduces the cost of cross-border communication, improves the efficiency of communication, and makes the communication at home and abroad more efficient and convenient.

As a comprehensive communication service solution provider, Livecom is able to provide enterprises, governments and multinational organizations with all-round telecom / enterprise level communication solutions. Livecom has built a satellite communication network covering the whole Asia Europe continent. The first Chinese satellite television network cover the whole Africa, and has built data centers in Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Paris, LearI, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and New York. Through those center, we can provide end-to-end satellite & submarine cable integrated special line service, international VPN special line service, satellite broadband Internet access service, enterprise integrated communication service, IDD international voice / international SMS service, overseas hosting, virtual machine rental service, LAN Integrated construction and overseas camp network security service for customers and more than 10 services, such as enterprise information IT planning and IT service outsourcing, overseas Chinese satellite TV service, overseas Chinese TV sub origin station service, etc. to provide customers with "full trust" services from design to installation, from operation to maintenance.

With efficient, reliable and economic network and communication services, Livecom has provided comprehensive communication service solutions for thousands of customers, including large enterprises such as CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Railway, Fuyao Group, CCTV, Xinhua news agency, embassies and consulates abroad, peacekeeping forces and other government agencies. Through more efficient, more secure, better service, we plug the customer's information system in the wings, beyond the geographical limitations.